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14 jan. 2017

The Truth about Pope Francis and the Jesuit Order Pope Caught in the a...

According to the Roman Catholics, the pope is the Spiritual head of the church on Earth. Current scandal linking back to the papacy has unveiled a lot of truth about the secrets of the papacy and
The one question all ask is “Why?” Why would they want to deliberately deceive all for the past two centuries that the Earth was a round sphere rapidly spinning through space around a central Sun which travels around the galaxy amongst billions of other star/suns? Because they want our souls. Because we ARE the center of the universe and the most important of the sentient beings in the Universe, so we do not need a priest, or a pope or a church to know that, as above, so below, and the Kingdom of God resides within all.
BiBi allowed Pope Francis to perform a Mass at the altar of King Solomon to the dismay of many anti-Zionist Jews who knew by doing this he was proclaiming himself Gods representative on Earth. Do not discount the power of all who serve evil..lumping all the evils to one specific group is what the devil wants... divide and conquer