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27 dec. 2016

An Alternate Way Looking At Religions & Science As They Have Been Used B...

There is a god/devine, the thumbprint is in compressed information = tetragammaton which is built up by patterns, light, truth and the magical component, the feeling of design and can be found in everthing in our reality.. We are misled by both the scientific community and religions..
"control the opposition"
The ones in power have used it to further evolve slavery
we have been misled this entire time. on the one hand we have religion pictured the way it is in the scripts brining forth dogmatic thinkers twisting to their own scientologic view, making themself feeling good at the sofa eating snacks without changing the way they go about life... on the other we have science, unprovabletestable math and gravity as god
so what if the truth lies in the understanding of the extent of both of these inverses by understanding them fully?

Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not
Put everything together according to your awarness..

The Revelation 12 Child Exposed! The Pre Tribulation Rapture Sign by eternalrhythmflow