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15 jan. 2017

Body Language Creepy Joe Biden

We look at Joe Biden on his very touchy feely habits. The Why, and the motive.
Something else that's peculiar, the girl in red, is the only one wearing a skin tight and rather exposing dress, compared to the others who are in dark , buttoned up clothes. The teen is dressed as a sacrifice. Whoever chose this skin tight, low cut and inappropriate , red dress, was in on the whole nasty Biden business. It looks like the girl is set up
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Body Language George Soros End Game

***Strictly Opinion*** In this video we look at Soros's Belief system and how it effects us with protest and war.
I feel sorry for George Soros, for he has not made enough money to buy just a little one bedroom appartment in the next world.
The entire world needs to confiscate all soros's money & assets along with the money and assets from the bush, Clinton, Obama, Rothschilds, Rockafella and any other blood lines families out there and use them to repair the world and all the countries they are responsible for destroying. Then put them in jail for life!

Kvinnomisshandlare på DN angriper barnboksförfattarinna

Kvinnomisshandlare på DN angriper barnboksförfattarinna Hynek Pallas på DN moraliserar över att Katerina Janouch berättat sanningen om svensk mångkultur i en tjeckisk TV-intervju. Att han själv är kvinnomisshandlare vill han inte låtsas om
"I Sverige förs inte regelbundet statistik över brott och ursprung. Senast det gjordes var 2005 då Brottsförebyggande rådet (Brå) publicerade en undersökning. Sverigedemokraterna har i riksdagen krävt en ny undersökning – och nu vill även den centerpartistiske riksdagsledamoten Staffan Danielsson se en sådan...Enligt Stina Holmberg skulle ännu en studie inte tillföra mycket. Hon tror att en sådan kan ta bort fokus från andra saker som Brå redan har väldigt svårt att nå ut med.– Att brottsligheten minskar och att den också minskar i invandrartäta områden" SVTs beskrivning är fel. Brå för fortfarande data på brottsregistrerade designat att kopplas till ursprung, de har bara valt att inte sammanställa det offentligt sen 2005. Forskare som Jerzy Sarnecki har tillgång till statistiken, och har använd det flera gånger, såsom 2013. Att uppdatera rapporten skulle kosta några promille av Brås budget på hundra miljoner per år. Brå ägnar sig åt ideologiskt aktivism med påståendet att brott sjunker i invandrartäta områden. Enligt Brås senaste jämförelse har skjutningar ökat 2006-14, särskilt kraftigt i invandrartäta områden. Enligt senaste Nationella Trygghetsundersökning har antal brott mot person ökat. Enligt Brås senaste data över konstaterad dödligt våld skedde en kraftig ökning 2014 till 2015, och förra året som ej är klar verkar vara ungefär på samma nivå. Enligt Brås preliminära siffror ökade anmälda våldsbrott per capita 3 procent förra året. Det finns inga rationella skäl för Brå att vägra uppdatera fakta om invandrares överrepresentation i brott. Forskningens uppdrag är att upplysa, inte mörka. Brå kommer inte att kunna dölja statistiken för evig, och skadar myndighetens långsiktiga trovärdighet. Ingen med ren mjöl i påsen mörkar statistik. Vi ser återigen att Centerns Staffan Danielsson ensam gör mer för att få fram fakta än övriga 348 riksdagsledamöter sammanlagd.

14 jan. 2017

What will you see after you die? What is god?spirituality, soul, satanis...

The khazarian jews of jewelry are truly of the synagogue of satan, their king, they are wearing a stolen identity, they migrated to Israel in 1948, they are the only people in that region that don't belong there, that's why no one in that region can accept them as a jewish state. The true Jews of Yah, from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,(a black people) went into captivity and are still in the lands of their captivity to this very day, and these Jews are hated, and despised by all nations, even more so by the khazarian jews occupying Israel right now and fooling the whole world by making them think that they are the jews of Yah, His chosen people, lost sheep of the house of Israel, the valley of dry bones, does not fit no people on Earth but, the people who were brought over to the southern, and western hemisphere by ships(to the americas)are the so called negroes,niggers, jiggaboos, step n fetch it, porch monkey, sambo, coon, mr.bojangle, and whatever byword as written in Deuteronomy. So if the world wants to support Israel, look for the suffering black people in north and south america, otherwise, you're supporting the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN!!!

35:00 most interesting part

The Truth about Pope Francis and the Jesuit Order Pope Caught in the a...

According to the Roman Catholics, the pope is the Spiritual head of the church on Earth. Current scandal linking back to the papacy has unveiled a lot of truth about the secrets of the papacy and
The one question all ask is “Why?” Why would they want to deliberately deceive all for the past two centuries that the Earth was a round sphere rapidly spinning through space around a central Sun which travels around the galaxy amongst billions of other star/suns? Because they want our souls. Because we ARE the center of the universe and the most important of the sentient beings in the Universe, so we do not need a priest, or a pope or a church to know that, as above, so below, and the Kingdom of God resides within all.
BiBi allowed Pope Francis to perform a Mass at the altar of King Solomon to the dismay of many anti-Zionist Jews who knew by doing this he was proclaiming himself Gods representative on Earth. Do not discount the power of all who serve evil..lumping all the evils to one specific group is what the devil wants... divide and conquer

Missing Scriptures

Make no mistake; the Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God.
This video has nothing to do with the many translations. It only about the selection of canon. What if religion, having been hijacked or created by these same Elites, were not mean to lead us to something devine fully, but from it? 

Mattis I Have No Plan to Oppose Women in Any Aspect of Our Military

That liberal idiot wasn't much of a challenge for someone like Mattis.
Seems as though the only ones obsessed with sex and LBG issues are the libs,
Mattis was later asked if he thought being a woman or LBGT person was a limiting factor in being a member of a lethal combat force. Mattis responded quickly and simply, “No.”

When someone ask you whats the motive for hiding FLAT EARTH LET THEM WAT...

September 23 2017 Whats going to happen?

Quite interesting if u're a truth seeker or believing in prophecy... Even if u don't believe in a god, something devine, this is surly interesting indeed. 
Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker talks about September 23, 2017, and the big "sign" in the heavens that many are talking about and how it might tie into the stars, and even the date of September 23, 2015.
Robert Breaker,

The Earth is Flat The Moon Explained with real footage ✅

Some say things like On average the moon is 380,000 km (235,000 miles) from the Earth, a distance of about 110 times its own diameter . Some say other things like The Sun is at an average distance of about 93,000,000 miles (150 million kilometers) away from Earth. It is so far away that light from the Sun, traveling at a speed of 186,000 miles per second, takes about 8 minutes to reach us??. I say open your mind and clear your eyes because the clouds clearly" CLEARLY " are observed filmed and documented all across the world as Going Behind the two large celestial Heavenly body's the sun Named Orjârês, and the second name Tômâs and called moon.
This book reveals the mother of all conspiracies. It sets forth biblical proof and irrefutable evidence that will cause the scales to fall from your eyes and reveal that the world you thought existed is a myth. The most universally accepted scientific belief today is that the earth is a globe, spinning on its axis at a speed of approximately 1,000 miles per hour at the equator, while at the same time it is orbiting the sun at approximately 67,000 miles per hour. All of this is happening as the sun, in turn, is supposed to be hurtling though the Milky Way galaxy at approximately 500,000 miles per hour. The Milky Way galaxy, itself, is alleged to be racing through space at a speed ranging from 300,000 to 1,340,000 miles per hour. What most people are not told is that the purported spinning, orbiting, and speeding through space has never been proven. In fact, every scientific experiment that has ever been performed to determine the motion of the earth has proven that the earth is stationary. Yet, textbooks ignore the scientific proof that contradicts the myth of a spinning and orbiting globe. Christian schools have been hoodwinked into teaching heliocentrism, despite the clear teaching in the bible that the earth is not a sphere and does not move. This book reveals the evil forces behind the heliocentric deception, and why scientists and the Christian churches have gone along with it.

Homecoming Reclaiming Your School Age Self John Bradshaw

FLAT EARTH Eclipse 2017 100% DEBUNKED [Must Watch]

How do you explain that still reflects that all calculations are by Fred Espenak and that he assumes full responsibility for their accuracy? As Dr. Zack states in the video, what does Fred know that others at NASA do not? Or stated differently, why isn't there a standardized mathematical model at NASA which would allow ANYONE to accurately predict solar eclipses? If we are to believe NASA, they know with certainty sizes, distances, locations and movements, etc. So why is it that Dr. Zack, using these same inputs, does not arrive at the same result as Fred Espenak?
This has been a really hot topic as of late and I think this video is another nail in the coffin of the phony heliocentric mode

Idag skriver Erik Helmerson i DN om förföljda kristna.

Idag skriver Erik Helmerson i DN om förföljda kristna. Det är bra. Det tog honom dock fyra år innan han vågade adressera barbariet, att sätta ord på vilka det som mördar och fördriver de kristna i Mellanöstern... När jag skrev om det för fyra år sedan och var tydlig med vilka det är som fördriver och mördar de kristna blev jag kallad, av DN och andra, för rasist och värre... Jag fick klä skott i tv, på sociala medier, ja ni vet... Jag sparkades från allt och alla. Jag fick ha polisbeskydd under några uppträdanden. Jag ställdes mot alla väggar som fanns och alla ville avkräva en ursäkt från mig... En ursäkt? För att jag vågade skriva sanningen medan resten av mediekåren satt på händerna och skallrade tänderna i takt? Aldrig! Så världen var inte tyst då heller. Tvärtom.. Vi var många som försökte skriva om det och adressera barbariet. Men vi fick sparken från just de chefer som nu betalar Helmersons lön. Jag blev en litterär minröjare. Sedan kommer fegisarna fyra år efter och skrapar ihop bitarna och försöker göra frågan till sin. Det är hiskeligt obehagligt. Men jag vet att folket aldrig glömmer. Folket minns.

Låt oss kalla det Titanic-nationalism

Låt oss kalla det Titanic-nationalism. En föreställning om nationen som osänkbar, too great to fail. Trots att båten lutar 15 grader; trots att människor kommer uppspringandes från tredje klass och ropar att det läcker in iskallt vatten; trots allt sitter vi lugnt kvar vid borden, äter vår dessert och diskuterar en fjärde pappamånad. Ingen vill höra på gnäll, och lika lite på alarmerande analyser. Framför allt inte när orkestern spelar. Men ingen båt och inget land är osänkbart. Även om också de allmänna historiekunskaperna har försämrats krävs inte mer än ett par sökningar via Google för att finna gott om exempel på välfungerande samhällen som krackelerat. Ofta till följd av folkvandring eller politiskt vanstyre, inte sällan i kombination."

Värdegrund™ är vår tids motsvarighet till blasfemi och häxbränningar

Värdegrund™ är vår tids motsvarighet till blasfemi och häxbränningar: Bokhandeln Läslusen i Uppsala plockade på onsdagen bort Katerina Janouchs böcker från hyllorna. "Jag väljer i stället att fylla mina hyllor med böcker vars författare inte uppmuntrar till rädsla och hat"

Nynazismen är utan tvivel under frammarsch i Sverige

Nynazismen är utan tvivel under frammarsch i Sverige. Dessutom ökar andelen fientliga handlingar mot kvinnor och invandrare. I Uppsala plockar en vit och blond bokhandlare med tyskt namn bort Katerina Janouch böcker pga av hennes kritiska uttalande om Sverige i östeuropeisk TV. Hade detta skett om Katerina varit man? Hade detta skett om hon hade varit svensk? Många ropar att hennes böcker borde plockas bort. Det känns som om hennes böcker nu klassificeras som "untartete kunst" . Blir det dags för bokbål snart? Lite lustigt att detta sker i just Uppsala igen, vibbarna från 1930 talet känns igen.

5 jan. 2017

Flat Earth? Geoengineering Weather Modification Stratospheric Aerosols C...

Geoengineering, Weather Modification, Stratospheric Aerosols, Chemtrails - Undeniable and Verifiable
Airplanes spraying the sky everyday. George Barnes has been photographing stratospheric aerosols for years now, trying to show how not normal these aerosols are. Dan Wigington is also looking into these 'weather modification' experiments.

Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth's natural systems to counteract climate change. There is wide range of proposed geoengineering techniques.

We also have David Kieth speaking at a couple of different venues about how this Geoengineering is already happening.

FLAT EARTH Why Do We Always See The Same Stars Demonstration For A Helio...

Why do we always see the same stars
Considering a heliocentric model/ theory derived from the big bang theory, the movements and shifting of the lanterns is what you would expect to observe the stars perform nightly/weekly/monthly/yearly with an earth sphere that rotates at 1000mph, orbits the sun at 67,000mph, orbits the milky way galaxy at 500,000mph, and is blasting outward from the big bang center at hundreds of millions of mph. However, the stars and constellations remain fixed after millinea with all stars orbiting polaris in a perfect time piece mannor.

4 jan. 2017

Anonymous If you think you can handle the truth about our economy, well...

so there is no law to pay the federal tax Donald Trump has done nothing wrong
Helping People We need to give President Trump a chance. Let's show him we are worth it because you can tell he loves this country which is a far cry from most of our previous attempts at fixing shit

3 jan. 2017

Plane landing Vs Pendulum rotation proof - U can't have it both ways sci...

IF, the movement of the earth causes the offsetting of pendulum each swing, SO ALSO should any commercial airplanes attempting to land ALSO should be influenced by the SAME motion as the pendulum . . . Right??
If Earth and its atmosphere were constantly spinning Eastwards over 1000mph, landing airplanes on such fast-moving runways which face all manner of directions North, South, East, West and otherwise would be practically impossible, yet in reality such fictional concerns are completely negligible.
Thus rendering commercial landing of any planes an almost IMPOSSIBLE task to perform thousands of times every day. The sand under the pendulum represents the airplane attempting to land on a moving (side to side or spinning) earth (pendulum) !!! This is EXACTLY what they are stating as they explain the motion of the pendulum, are they not?
airplanes DO NOT chase runways sideways during the event of North/South landings . . .

Proof NASA faked Moon Landing Moon landing never happened former NASA ...

The moon landing since the 60s has been known to be a hoax and NASA's lies to deceive the world that they were superior to the Soviet who first had a shot at space. Several damning videos has been released showing NASA involvement in hoax and lies. This video is one of such videos that will show the fakery in the moon landing project
decending in the space craft at 33° degrees
For a man who had landed on the moon, when Neil returned he refused interviews, at some point he punched the reporter in the face (there is a video). Anyone in his position would have wanted to tell of the moon wonders really or maybe he just didn't want to say heavy lies.. Rumour had it Neil himself didn't know he didn't leave earth. Its just rumours but its been sais, where there is smoke there is smoke there is fire

BUT WHY WOULD THEY LIE!? Ball Earther, Science, Religion, Flat Earth

what is non debatable is that gravity is a theory. If you were to ask Neil Tyson what gravity is, he wouldn't be able to give you an answer. Gravity is not a provable concept. Yes things fall or raise depending on their density or buoyancy. If you do some research you will find that the original experiment performed to "prove" gravity, can not be replicated today. The only way that gravity would make sense is if the earth was in fact a spinning ball, but to me there is not sufficient evidence. I think it is interesting to look at gravity from this perspective. This force is so strong that it keeps all the water on the earth from spinning off, it also prevents the whole continent of Australia to be 'right side up' in relation to the inhabitants, yet something as small as a bird can fly, bees fly. You can not have it both ways. It cant be one of the strongest forces in our universe and also be one of the weakest.

Incessantly asking why the world's governments would lie about flat Earth when you haven't yet actually done your due diligence in researching the hundreds of proofs, experiments and evidence easily and widely available showing beyond the shadow of any doubt that Earth is absolutely flat, is like coming upon a bloody homicidal crime scene with your eyes closed and refusing to believe it happened because you can't fathom the perpetrator's motive, and until someone offers you a motive proper to your subjective sensibilities, only then might you open your eyes and investigate the obvious murder scene.

WikiLeaks To Reveal NASA Apollo Hoax says George Noory

George Noory reported this week that WikiLeaks will soon reveal the moon landing hoax. I can't imagine a better day than when the truth comes and all of you so called intellectuals eat crow and finally realize you aren't smart enough to see the Apollo hoax. That you trust men and called all of us crazy for KNOWING the moon landings never happened. How many of you are still so positive that we went to the moon? Truth is coming. Are you ready?

2 jan. 2017

Julian Assange Tells Hannity Absolutely All DNC Info Came From Their Sou...

LEAKED Huma Abedin Anthony Weiner staff meeting during sexting scandal

Huma Abedin & Anthony Weiner have a staff meeting during Weiner's sexting scandal which coincidentally came out during his mayoral run in NYC.

Whistleblower Amber Lyon Bust CNN

CNN = FAKE NEWS: Amber Lyon, a former CNN correspondent, says authoritarian regimes including Bahrain pay the news network to provide favorable coverage and censor its content.

Flat Earth? 100% proof there is no Curvature Mind blowing Proof

A test was conducted to determine the curvature of the earth. Te result was astounding as no curvature was detected during test. Rather buildings and structure more than 40 miles away were visible with the use of Sophisticated cameras. Watch now and see complete proof the earth is flat. Join the truth movement!

Popular Science August 1931 edition "A Flat Disc With Upturned Edge"

"It seemed like a flat disc with upturned edge"
It can't be said any clearer then that
seems to me we live on a flat earth after all...