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28 dec. 2016

Supposedly Dead But Now Alive O_o! "Merry Christmas" Twitter 12/25/2016

They will of course explain it away later. "It was Melissa or an auto tweet." Nope. They are playing with the masses like they are children.

Fans are confused because they are deluded, propagandized, brain-washed, mind-controlled, indoctrinated, oblivious zombies duped through a life-long conditioning by a very well-oiled propaganda machine orchestrated and perpetrated by the Zionist psychopaths and their treasonous sell-out puppets. As RV says, the elites are making themselves known and are throwing their treasonous psy-op hoaxes in our faces. Their days of judgement will come and justice will be served, either in this life or after. We will see what their police state and militaries do when a billion people lock arms and stop consenting. I went to a convenience store earlier and spoke with a fellow I have been talking with and asked him if he had seen anything on that Russian Ambassador fiasco and he said yes...Before I could say another word he said he believed it was staged. He said they would have cut the camera feeds if it were not staged and I agree. People are waking up to these pieces of garbage who deceive humanity.