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14 jan. 2017

What will you see after you die? What is god?spirituality, soul, satanis...

The khazarian jews of jewelry are truly of the synagogue of satan, their king, they are wearing a stolen identity, they migrated to Israel in 1948, they are the only people in that region that don't belong there, that's why no one in that region can accept them as a jewish state. The true Jews of Yah, from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,(a black people) went into captivity and are still in the lands of their captivity to this very day, and these Jews are hated, and despised by all nations, even more so by the khazarian jews occupying Israel right now and fooling the whole world by making them think that they are the jews of Yah, His chosen people, lost sheep of the house of Israel, the valley of dry bones, does not fit no people on Earth but, the people who were brought over to the southern, and western hemisphere by ships(to the americas)are the so called negroes,niggers, jiggaboos, step n fetch it, porch monkey, sambo, coon, mr.bojangle, and whatever byword as written in Deuteronomy. So if the world wants to support Israel, look for the suffering black people in north and south america, otherwise, you're supporting the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN!!!

35:00 most interesting part