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11 apr. 2017

The Principle Documentary Proves Earth Is Truly Special!

The reason this documentary got so much controversy proves peoples "faith" in the religion of science is real and alarming. The fact is, our established theories of the universe say we must be an insignificant rock spinning around our sun, who's spinning around the super massive blackhole at the center of our galaxy, which is speeding thru space away from the point of origin, aka the big bang. But two studies have now been completed, WMAP being the most recent, which shows symmetry in the dispersion of galaxies, and that they lay on a plane with us in the center. The debate now lingers around the question of relativity, and if we as the observer would see this symmetry if we were at any point in the universe and not just from our location. The entire part of controversy revolves around the backlash against the producers of this documentary since the scientists are clearly answering simple questions, which can even be seen in the behind the scenes footage. The real issue is, science, aka academia, has transformed itself into a pseudo-religion, and moved away from experimentation and into theorizing as its primary focus. The Principle is brilliant in showing how no matter what the experiment shows, if the results go against the grain of their theories, they will do and say anything to theorize why those results can't be correct. It's great how we rather dismiss someone for bringing up an interesting point since no one has any time to do or think about anything anymore, and rather hold on to their preconceived notions of what's real or isn’t.

You think Einstein's theory of relativity has been accepted by experimentation, repeatable proofs, and debate? If only you knew how incorrect and laughable that statement is. how does someone use the scientific method to experiment with the curvature of space-time? when using actual experimentation, we see that quantum mechanics is indisputable, repeatable, and completely incompatible with Einstein's ridiculous speculations. and if there was a debate, why were several scientists institutionalized just for simply questioning Einstein's nonsense?


All the scientists in the movie signed release forms they all knew exactly what they were talking about they all felt very comfortable the during the interviews the problem is that they found out Earth is in the center of the universe and because of their egos and all that other bullshit they're afraid to acknowledge it

The Principle basically shows that there is scientific evidence that does in fact indicate that we are the center of the universe.
The microwave background it's called the axis of evil where earth looks like it's at or close to the center of the universe, but most scientists ignore this finding.