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8 apr. 2017

Why Did the U.S. Really Strike Syria? What You’re Not Being Told!

there may be one reason kept quiet by the U.S. administration that stands as the real motivation behind the U.S. strike; namely that the base bombed by the Trump administration is the same base from which Israeli fighter jets were shot down after launching their own illegal strikes into Syria.

The Al-Sha’ayrat airbase was the place from which Syria fired anti-missile Sam rockets at attacking Israeli warplanes, two weeks ago. Syria downed one of the four warplanes, hit another and forced the remaining two fighter jets to quickly fly out of Syrian airspace.

This sent a strong message to Israel, a state which continues to illegally occupy Syrian territory, in addition to the decades long occupation of Palestine.

Syria’s message to Israel and the wider world was that the equation had changed, the regional balance of power was being re-shaped. Syrian missile systems were now able to counter the consistent illegal aggression of Israel against Syria.

Additionally, it showed Israel and the wider world that Israel could not so easily thwart Syrian advances against terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda/Nusra Front and the so-called Islamic State (ISIS).

The Al-Sha’ayrat airbase is one of the most important military bases in Syria and has played a vital role in the war against the terrorism of Al-Qaeda and Islamic State, which rages both in Syria, Iraq and beyond.

Al-Sha’ayrat stood as perhaps not only a symbol of the ability of Syria to defend itself adequately against Israeli aggression but an actual physical threat which has now been neutralized thanks to the American bombing

Kushner has been exposed as a major zionist player.. linked to the likes of soros.. Here you can see the numbers 666 on his adress..

not content to the human and economic catastrophe of the Iraq War and Afghanistan War, Zionists are now busy pushing the United States, Europe and the world toward an even more catastrophic war with Syria and Iran.

Just as the Iraq war was based on lies, so the war on Syria and Iran are also based completely on lies.

The Zionist controlled Globalist Media keeps talking about Syrian “human rights violations” when the Zionist-controlled government of the actually supporting radical Muslim terrorism against the people of Syria. Of course, it is all in the Service of Israel. It is not about human rights, and not about weapons of mass destruction — It is about smashing nations that dare to stand up to the horrendous human rights violations of Israel!

when questioned President Assad said: Concern about a war is unrealistic, because the reality is that we are living this war. But as for calling it a Syrian-Israeli war, you can assume in any case that these terrorists are fighting for Israel.Even if they are not a regular Israeli army, they are still fighting for Israel.And Israel shares the objectives with Turkey, the United States, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other states. They all share the same objective. It is a war that has taken a new form and uses new instruments. Practically, our victory over the terrorists is a victory over all those states put together. That’s why Israel is doing its best to support these terrorists in every place the Syrian Army advances. They attack in one way or another in order to provide support to the terrorists and in order to stall the momentum of the Syrian Arab Army in facing them.

Assad is right. This is all about Israel preparing the ground for Greater Israel through Israel Secret Intelligence Services (ISIS). We already know that CIA and USA are behind alquiada and isis through wikileaks.

Damascus has explained that the Syrian air force bombed an arms depot where chemical weapons had been stockpiled by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Nusra Front militants.

The United States has threatened further military action in Syria following its missile strikes on an airbase in response to this week’s alleged chemical attack in the Arab country that it blamed on the government

Under Trump we have another treasury secretary slapping sanctions on countries that israel wants destroyed.. Do you feel betrayed get?

Trump is just another puppet for the interests of bigger players

The bible prophecies are about what will happened with israel.. So far they are proving themselves right over and over again.

Trump was inagurated into office the day of him being 70 years 7 month and 7 days of age in the year of 2017 or 5777 if you would like.

Fed has begun raising interest rates again.. The latest of rate hikes happened to take place on the same day as tons of zionism jubilees  

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debt ceiling are soon to be reached which will put everything to a stand still.. they are burning through the monetary base as we speak

Consider to invest in the precious metals and pay close attention to how the upcoming weeks will envolve

Remember to always walk the path of truth & love, no matter where this will take you. Stay safe & take care