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9 maj 2017

What is Pepe the frog & Why are the people using him? The Reason Behind Pepe, Memes, Satire Being Used To Fight The Globalists

 10 maj 2017 


The Online cartoon character Pepe the Frog appears to have been killed off by its creator in a bid to stop his image being hijacked by far-right groups. The question that we must now ask ourself is: Will this stop the memes? Is Pepe dead? 



Pepe's creator recently complained that "a chilled frog" had become a hate symbol. 

Racists and haters

In September Pepe was added to the Anti-Defamation League's database of hate symbols alongside other logos including the Swastika and the "Blood Drop Cross" of the Ku Klux Klan.
The anti-bigotry group said "racists and haters" had taken a popular internet meme and "twisted it".
Who are the 'Alt-Right'?

In short: The "Alt-Right" is everyone that dares to question anything in search for the truth while wanting to influence others in doing the same through clever ways of getting exposure, making controversy. 
The frog also made headlines in mid-September when Hillary Clinton said most of Mr Trump's supporters belonged in a "basket of deplorables".

What does these "memes" represent if not white supremacy?

What these memes in fact seems to represent is a reaction to the absurdity of todays political climate, hypocritical inconsistent behavior, medias blackout bias and the very fact that a few wants to play roulette with our very own civilization which has in fact been built up be thousands of days of hard work. Isn't it good that we can laugh off the absurdity of todays wickedness instead of channeling it towards anger, hate, violence like the left so often tends to do?

Media & the middle/upper class have gotten so out of touch with the reality in which they live in that some people honestly wholeheartedly believe that milk is racist or that we need to mix all the races so no more white exist and so on.. By all means make no mistake. This is a war on the white race, culture and identity. By whom? For what purpose?

One must ask themselves: Who is to benefit from these changes that is painted as love and hope? 
Is it the poor? No. For every million immigrants that gets helped more gets added because of reasons like the fact that people that immigrate tend to be people with drive, energy, that generally have it better than the worse of in their own country. By emigrating they then make more damage for the living standard for their people at their own countries than what they gain by emigrating in the other country. Immigration is used as a weapon, a tool much like climate change to abbreviate its citizens from their wealth and collect it at the top. In terms of helping people, immigration is actually killing lots of people statistically. Funding gets cut for aids, economically a country suffers if not gets destroyed so it wont have money left to help others eventually then take care of its own mess..
This is for those that don't speak the language of the apes a sign that shows everyone that u stand for white power if you didn't know.
Also while we're at it with the very important education: The regular v sign that one makes when they win or wanna be quite stands for two genders so that is also offensive.. While we're at it, it would be better if you don't leave your house at all because someone might get offended by accident and that would be horrible wouldn't it.


Meanwhile while the triggered ones run rampant, and some people want to have some fun with the absurdity with the situation memeing away, they are actually normalizing pedophelia and what ever wickedness u can think of. Everything is being normalized that is not of any good and slowly this will be a norm in our multicultural society that is to be praised, remember that. We should embrace, and accept everything, right? Do you wanna be called a racist? A homophobe? A fascist? Of course not! So join in on the feast, tonight we serve marinated humans on the menu, halal killed of course to not offend our fellow muslims out there.

It also to be said that Macron who won the french presidential second round was 15 when the 30 something older married woman with 3 kids who would become his wife later on approached him. There is absolutely nothing wrong in that right? "
Nothing to see here, move along". If a women does it, its okey?

Reverse Racism is okey because only whites can be racist?

White racists, Black racists, Yellow racists, Red racists, and (all the other colors of the Rainbow) racists all converge on the belief that they and their "white/black/yellow/red/etc communities" should be separated from each other

Gee I wonder where the outrage would be if a group of student requested a whites only graduation?

Is it Separate but equal? or Separate and 'better?

We are indeed in an age of grand devision. If its not in terms of being for abortion or not, for Palestine or for Israel its in terms of the constructive vs the destructive. 

It seems like people have already forgotten about the seggration that took place in 1960 against the black community. The irony is deafening.

Censoring, freedom of speech policing

It has become a huge problem for anyone intrenched in the many forums and places on the internet that globalists are censoring, shadow banning and doing anything they can to control the narrative and intervene whenever possible. 

Google, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Facebook has all taken huge steps in order to fight against this evil logical thinking that is spreading the internet and made Trump victorious.

Is there something else to this, something which are in great concern for the fellow big sharks?
Perhaps they are all in deep water together. Blackmailed into submission by something much greater than their parts. Something so big that it would turn the world upside down.

I do believe that this is rampant pedophilia that has been used both politically and business wise to blackmail and make surve the power hierarchy remains while everyone stays loyal. This however, remains to be conspiracies until the day they are proven right/wrong.


There is too much on this topic to go into depth right now but what i can say is that many of the reveals by Wikileaks is so alarming that many have begun investigating everything they thought was real to really go to the bottum of this grand deception we have been living in for the past 1000 some years.

Much of the stuff that has been validated is too damaging and disturbing to even go into. The media machine will not even touch it by a ten feet long stick yet report on the truth because that would only benefit the truth seeking individual who is to remain being a racist, bigot, fascist.

"If Trump isn't literally Hitler then we will look like absolute idiots". Dig ur head in the sand.

Final words

There is much to be said in this article but mark my words: Satire, irony of all its kind will continue to sway people into thinking logically and strive for consistency rather than feeling. More and more

The truth can fight & defend itself on its own. The wickedness will continue to increase & the people who spend their days fighting for the good in the world will continue to raise their voices, shed light on the absurdity of it all and make others question themselves if they wanna live a righteous life of virtues or simply remain being but a brainless consuming robot in the eyes of the globalists. The people of the true resistance is very intelligent and that reflects in their sense of humor and the way they go about to raise awareness. Wether it is through the medium of memes, articles, videos, pictures one thing is omnipresent: They create their own exposure and even though they try to censor them they reach more and more people and wont stop before change has taken place and even then i think they will continue fighting for the truth.

They say the advocate for the best of everyone, so did the communists who by the way killed of  20 million something christians during the world wars. So does the socialist government from Venezuela who run over their people with tanks where their own people barely making it through the day, suffering a 700% inflation.

                                              The force is strong in this one

                                                     MEME MAGIC IS REAL