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3 jan. 2017

BUT WHY WOULD THEY LIE!? Ball Earther, Science, Religion, Flat Earth

what is non debatable is that gravity is a theory. If you were to ask Neil Tyson what gravity is, he wouldn't be able to give you an answer. Gravity is not a provable concept. Yes things fall or raise depending on their density or buoyancy. If you do some research you will find that the original experiment performed to "prove" gravity, can not be replicated today. The only way that gravity would make sense is if the earth was in fact a spinning ball, but to me there is not sufficient evidence. I think it is interesting to look at gravity from this perspective. This force is so strong that it keeps all the water on the earth from spinning off, it also prevents the whole continent of Australia to be 'right side up' in relation to the inhabitants, yet something as small as a bird can fly, bees fly. You can not have it both ways. It cant be one of the strongest forces in our universe and also be one of the weakest.

Incessantly asking why the world's governments would lie about flat Earth when you haven't yet actually done your due diligence in researching the hundreds of proofs, experiments and evidence easily and widely available showing beyond the shadow of any doubt that Earth is absolutely flat, is like coming upon a bloody homicidal crime scene with your eyes closed and refusing to believe it happened because you can't fathom the perpetrator's motive, and until someone offers you a motive proper to your subjective sensibilities, only then might you open your eyes and investigate the obvious murder scene.