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3 jan. 2017

Proof NASA faked Moon Landing Moon landing never happened former NASA ...

The moon landing since the 60s has been known to be a hoax and NASA's lies to deceive the world that they were superior to the Soviet who first had a shot at space. Several damning videos has been released showing NASA involvement in hoax and lies. This video is one of such videos that will show the fakery in the moon landing project
decending in the space craft at 33° degrees
For a man who had landed on the moon, when Neil returned he refused interviews, at some point he punched the reporter in the face (there is a video). Anyone in his position would have wanted to tell of the moon wonders really or maybe he just didn't want to say heavy lies.. Rumour had it Neil himself didn't know he didn't leave earth. Its just rumours but its been sais, where there is smoke there is smoke there is fire