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25 dec. 2016

Dinosaurs Never Existed? Wait what?? Lets Dig Into this...

The fact that dinosaur bones were found coincidentally right after the evolution theory became the agenda, proves to me its a fraud As a kid, I remember being forced to have the same Dinosaur toys as everyone else; even though I absolutely hated them. They were creepy, ugly and unlike any other living thing I'd seen. As I grew into my teens, I started asking questions, all my teachers would mention were "scientist".
Scientist...scientist..scientist! Scientist say this, scientist say that. Scientist gradually started looking like those kids that pulled pranks on me without me knowing, or like the Great Wizard of Oz who wasn't great at all but a crafty old man scheming behind the curtain. It seemed like regardless of my experiences in the world around me and what I could observe myself; the scientist had the answer waiting. My whole life and meaning of my existence rested in the hands of the scientists (high priests of the new age)!
As a fully grown FREE man, without grades or degrees to scare me into submission and without my mind being under the influence of the scientist. I am FREE to observe my own surroundings,
were dinousaurs concocted by the jesuits in order to push the evolution theory